The Damage Done

The prosecutor purge has made it into the mainstream news. The Bush Administration seems intent on characterizing it as an ‘overblown’ response to a frustrated crusade against ‘election fraud’. Coverage seems preoccupied with the details of the ‘alleged’ crimes involved, the extent to which this ‘alleged’ corruption extends into the White House, and maybe even ‘nailing the bastards’. 

 What I am more interested in is a roundup of information about and analysis of the real or imagined targets of this purge, suppression, steering. I am interested in getting a ‘big picture’ of it’s effects: the goal. And what is being done about that? So much of the dialogue and focus on what this Administration and it’s co-conspirators have been up to focuses on the crime, the criminal. To a fault. In the case of the domestic surveillance and civil rights violations issues I see absolutely no attention given to the spoils of the crime. This is just one peice of it: no one is addressing the fact that all that data collected in a manner that has been acknowledged and determined to be illegal is contraband, and it has not been confiscated. What’s up with that?


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